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Discussion on the future development of LED bulb lamp
Oct 10, 2017

With the rapid development of LED operation lights, LED bulb lamp energy-saving effect has reached a very high degree, in the same light efficiency, energy consumption has dropped to the incandescent lamp 1/8 and electronic energy-saving lamps 1/2, so LED lighting lamps to replace the current traditional lighting products will be the trend.

Although incandescent bulbs are still the mainstream product of home lighting, but in the future is the replacement of ordinary incandescent lamp, can set off light, will be widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, showrooms, conference rooms, hospitals, windows, home and other places, particularly suitable for luxurious high standard large space lighting decoration. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of LED bulb lamp:

I. Energy-saving

The research data show that, because the LED is cold light source, the semiconductor illumination itself does not have any pollution to the environment, compared with the incandescent lamp, the fluorescent lamp, the energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. Under the same brightness, the electricity consumption is only 1/10 of the ordinary incandescent lamp, 1/2 of the fluorescent tube. If the use of led to replace our current traditional lighting of 50%, the annual savings in China is equivalent to a three Gorges power plant output sum, its energy efficiency is very considerable.

II. Health

LED is a green light source. LED lamp DC Drive, no stroboscopic; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color and strong luminous directionality; good dimming performance, color temperature change will not produce visual error, cold light source is low heat, can be safe to touch; these are incandescent and fluorescent lamps not up. It can provide a comfortable light space, but also to meet the needs of human physiology and health, is to protect the eyesight and environmental protection of the health light source.

III. humanization

Undoubtedly, the relationship between light and human is an eternal topic, "People see the lamp, I saw the light", it is this classic discourse changed countless designers on the light understanding. The highest state of the lamp is the "light" is also the embodiment of human lighting, the room is not

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of LED lighting lamps. Energy-saving has become the first condition of the rapid development of LED lighting products, Zhengzhou June Road Technology Co., Ltd. operating LED lighting products are increasingly favored by the vast number of businesses, business on LED lighting is understanding has reached a consensus.