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Domestic medical devices ’three disasters‘!
Oct 10, 2017

China Medical Equipment Association Meng Jianguo introduced that in recent years, China's medical device market annual growth rate of more than 20%. 2013, the country has more than 15,000 medical equipment manufacturers, the size of the enterprise sales revenue reached 328.7 billion yuan. Overall, China's medical device industry rapid development, but in the high-end large-scale medical equipment field, and abroad have a certain distance.

It is noteworthy that, in 2013, the State Council issued a number of views on promoting the development of health services, that by 2020 will be basically set up covering the whole life cycle, rich connotation, reasonable structure of the health services system, to create a group of well-known brands and virtuous circle of health services industry cluster, The total scale of health service industry reaches more than 8 trillion yuan.

In this 8 trillion yuan, medical devices may account for about 1 trillion yuan. In other words, the value of our medical devices will be doubled on the basis of the existing more than 200 billion yuan. Under this development situation, how to reshape the pattern, strengthen cooperation and realize the win-won is an urgent problem to be studied.