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Focus on development technology and market frontier of implantable interventional medical devices at home and abroad
Oct 10, 2017

Following the first Chinese summit of implantable interventional Medical devices held in Shanghai in July this year, the vast number of colleagues and participants in the industry enthusiastic, UBM conferences in the second half of this year, especially in the northern region planning organized the second session. The meeting still has a two-day schedule, based on which the topic of clinical application has been expanded. The first day will focus on the implantation of medical device regulations, with the case explanation in-depth analysis; the next day will be divided into orthopedic equipment and cardiovascular intervention equipment two minutes, the morning by the clinician to explain the actual operation of the case, the afternoon by the domestic and foreign enterprise representatives to share the latest scientific research and market development

Speakers of the Conference are strong, rich in content and high in quality. On the first day of November 22, Mr. An, general manager of Namsa China, will discuss the understanding of the quality management standards for clinical trials of medical devices (draft). Tianjin Medical Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Song DUO Deputy Director will analyze the quality supervision and inspection requirements of implanted medical devices from the perspective of case analysis China Medical International Exchange Center Chang Yong Heng Deputy director, Beijing Aerospace Biology and medical Engineering college Hiupo Dean, Shanghai Haifiro Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Li, the Senior director of Asia-Pacific Research and Development Yao Jianqing will attend the summit and participate in group discussions.

The second day of the meeting of orthopedic equipment in the venue, Peking University Third hospital chief physician Sun and Beijing Concord Hospital chief physician Shen Jianxiong will be at the meeting from the clinical perspective of the orthopedic implant medical devices to improve demand, Shanghai three friends of medical equipment Liu Ming Chairman and Biomet Vice President Ashok Srinivasan and Bo Huaneng Medical devices Song Yong Vice president will discuss the current situation and future innovation direction of orthopedic implant equipment. Cardiovascular intervention equipment will be mainly concerned with the following speakers and topics: The Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital Guo director and the Nanjing Military Area General Hospital Hua director will share some clinical experience and current interventional surgery in the application of vascular surgery, minimally invasive medical device research and development of senior director Zhonghua Dr. Kohui Medical Strategy Alliance director Zhu Daming, Beijing Bai Ren Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Jinlei, Beijing, president of the medical device, Dr. Liu, and so on the development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular implant/interventional technology at home and abroad, how to improve the polymer material's biodegradability and absorption, The research progress of heart valve and patch-type implant interventional devices and absorbable vessels were discussed. In addition, the Conference will cover the topics such as biomechanical design and evaluation of interventional medical devices, biological evaluation of medical devices and clinical research.