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Installation of operating lights should be noted in the following matters
Oct 10, 2017

1, lighting lamp lamp holder At least high ground 2m.

2, all fixed on the roof of the facilities should be reasonable placement, to ensure that the function is not hindered. The roof should be strong enough for the lamp to rotate.

3, lighting lamp lamp should be easy to replace quickly, easy to clean.

4. The lighting should be fortified to reduce the effect of radiation heat on the surgical tissue. The surface temperature of the metal body contacted by the lamp shall not exceed 60 ℃, the surface temperature of the contact Non-metallic body shall not exceed 70 ℃, and the maximum allowable temperature of the metal handle is 55 ℃.

5. The control switch of each kind of illumination lamp should be set separately, in order to control separately according to the usage requirement.

In addition, lighting use time, accumulation on the surface of the lighting and wall surface dust and other factors will affect the lighting intensity of lighting, should be caused attention and timely adjustment and treatment.