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Intellectualization is the new trend of medical equipment industry in the future
Oct 10, 2017

With the introduction of a series of medical policy, it will greatly promote the medical electronics industry in China to increase its operating income. In order to respond to Twelve-Five medical plans in China, the investment in research and development of medical equipment manufacturers in China is also increasing. Leading domestic medical equipment manufacturers are using advanced products to achieve differentiation and enhance brand influence, change their low-end positioning.

Because of the strong demand for human health monitoring, all kinds of household portable medical devices quickly become popular products. It is estimated that sales of consumer medical equipment will grow to $1.1 billion this year, compared with 19% in 2011. At the same time, China's consumer medical equipment market in 2012 will use the value of about $70 million trillion in semiconductor devices, accounting for the overall consumption scale of 28.5%. Due to the increasing importance of portability for medical devices, manufacturers are trying to reduce the complexity of design and the time needed to develop finished products.

In recent years, the construction of Chinese primary medical system has made rapid progress. In the future, it has become a consensus in the industry to let primary medical care play a bigger role in the whole medical system. Basic medical Service has become an important part of the strategic development of medical equipment. The development of primary medical care has become a consensus from the government to the civil society in these years, and the government has given a lot of inclination in policy. Some international medical giants are also starting to lay down primary care.

Recently released the "2012-2016 China medical Equipment and instrumentation manufacturing market analysis and Development Prospects Research Report" shows: Nowadays, clinicians pay more attention to medical equipment than traditional drugs, and the intellectualization of equipment has become an important direction of the whole industry, and many new technologies have been applied to equipment. In the future, medical devices will become more systematic and smarter, and doctors ' diagnoses will be more and more accurate.