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Medical equipment after-sales survey data released
Oct 10, 2017

2014 China Medical Equipment after-sales service survey results published recently. The survey by more than 2,800 two-level hospital equipment section chief and engineers, composed of more than 5,100 industry data researchers, the final recovery of effective, qualified questionnaire 1713, covering 1048 more than two hospitals.

As the 5th Medical Equipment after-sales Service survey, this year's survey indicators from the original 15 to 24, at the same time added equipment annual fault number and recommendation of two additional indicators to make the survey data more reference value. In addition to the real reflection of domestic medical equipment after-sales market status, but also for medical institutions to purchase medical equipment to provide data basis. Medical equipment after service which one is strong? The three types of CT, MRI and ultrasonic imaging were used to judge the data.

"GPS" three single big, domestic brands have bright spots

For large-scale equipment such as CT, MRI, ultrasound imaging Products survey results show that General Electric, Philips and Siemens ("GPS") three or firmly occupy the top three market share. In the CT equipment, the "GPS" three families were 83.3%, the MRI equipment was 85.7%, and the ultrasound imaging device was 69.4%. Survey data show that "GPS" three enterprises in the satisfaction of after-sales service and the performance of the market share is basically proportional, 3 companies in the after-sales service satisfaction rankings also ranked three.

Although the foreign brand equipment in the market share advantage is obvious, but in this survey, still have individual domestic brand performance eye-catching. Among them, Shenzhen, in the ultrasound imaging equipment in the market share of the category of 8.6% ranked fourth, after-sales service satisfaction is only lower than the first Philips; Neusoft and Dong respectively in CT and MRI-like devices with 1.5% and 1.4% Market share in the second-tier brand (the survey will be a product line in the market share between the $number brand definition of the product line of the second-tier brand), and Neusoft in the after-sales service satisfaction score with the category of other brands flat.

From the above data is not difficult to see, good after-sales service and brand market share close relationship, after-sales service level is to determine the product reputation of an important factor. including "GPS", many foreign companies have accumulated a wealth of experience in this road, the above mentioned, such as the Mary, Neusoft and other domestic companies in fact also in the continuous use of advanced experience, in the after-sales service up and down a lot of kung fu, to enhance the overall competitiveness.

Purchase recommendation degree, equipment also must have good popularity

People familiar with online shopping should have similar experience, in the need to buy a commodity, the most convenient way to choose is based on the recommendation of others, which is the most convenient and relatively small risk of a purchase.

In the 2014 survey, the first increase in the "equipment procurement Recommendation" indicators, for the answer to the purchase of a device will ask "whether the brand is willing to recommend such equipment to other hospitals to use," and according to the score of this issue, the procurement of different brands of equipment recommended data. The rating of this indicator should be of great reference value both to medical equipment companies and to medical institutions.