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Most high-end medical device market is monopolized by foreign capital
Oct 10, 2017

The planning will focus on promoting the use of Home-made medical equipment in the tertiary hospital. This is an important sign to support domestic medical devices, which is a great opportunity for the listed enterprises of domestic medical devices.

To promote the development and application of domestic medical equipment is an urgent requirement to deepen the reform of medical and health system and reduce the cost. Medical equipment industry is an important part of health service industry, involving a wide range of fields, industrial chain, stimulating the economy and absorbing employment is very significant. Since the start of the reform of the medical and health system, the central government has invested more than 160 billion yuan to strengthen the construction of the Health Family Planning Service system, the demand for medical equipment and the expanding market, and the domestic medical equipment enterprises to seize the historical opportunity and make it bigger and stronger.

At present, China's high-end medical equipment market more than 70% by foreign-funded enterprises monopoly, domestic manufacturers are still imitation, improve the main, original products very few.

A-share market, diving medical, Xinhua Medical, Donfoulon, and good shares and other domestic medical equipment leading enterprises over the years of steady growth in performance, and constantly through mergers and acquisitions to break through the technology, quality, variety of bottlenecks. At the same time, some large-scale medical device enterprises and universities, hospitals to carry out direct cooperation to promote the transformation of scientific research to industrialization.

In terms of ageing and the improvement of people's living standards, the medical device industry will maintain long-term steady growth. For a long time to come, medical devices are expected to grow faster than medicines.