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Medical Bed

Medical Bed refers to an appliance or other article used in the human body. Its function on the surface of the human body is not obtained by means of pharmacology, immunology or metabolism, but may be accompanied by these means and play a certain auxiliary role; its use is intended Achieve the following intended purposes:
(1) Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and mitigation of diseases;
(2) Diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, mitigation, and compensation for injury or disability.
The multi-function electric medical bed is composed of ABS headboard, ABS lifting guardrail, bed board, bed frame, bed frame, lifting link, electric linear actuator, controller, universal wheel and other main components.
The main function
Bed lift function
The whole body of the bed is lifted and lowered (the height is 0~20cm, which is mainly used to facilitate the care and treatment of patients with different heights; the base of some portable medical equipment is inserted into the bed; convenient for the caregiver to pick up and drop the dirt bucket; convenient After-sales service personnel maintain and maintain the product).
The bed body rises and then descends (angle is 0~11°, mainly used to reduce intracranial pressure and prevent brain edema).
The bed body rises and falls forward (the angle is 0~11°, which is mainly beneficial to the drainage of the patient's lung secretions, making the sputum easy to cough up, often used for varicose patients).
2. Sit up and lie function
The angle of the back rise (0~80°±3°) and the angle of the sagging of the legs (0~50°±3°) can prevent the pressure of the blood vessels from being self-weighted (according to the physiological curve of the human body, the muscles and muscles are relaxed, which is the most comfortable for the human body. Sitting position).
3.Left and right turning function (0~60°±3°, three crawler-type turning-over versions, which are placed on the back, waist and legs of the human body, which can make the patient turn around comfortably, prevent the formation of hemorrhoids, and facilitate the patient. Carry out all-round care and scrubbing).
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