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3-function Electric Nursing Bed

Model:SHD-402 Size:2150*900*500/670mm Model:SHD-403 Size:2200*940*430/690mm
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1. The back can be raised and lowered angle: 0-80 ° ± 5 °; the leg can be raised and lowered angle: 0-40 ° ± 5 °, the overall lifting 200mm;

2. The bed frame thickening materials, using 40 * 80 × 1.5mm rectangular steel pipe, the bed can withstand the load ≥ 300kg;

3. The bed board adopts the national standard 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate, which is molded once and has venting holes. 4, ABS bed headboard, easy to load and unload, with insurance pin

5. Guardrail: ABS four small guardrail, can move up and down, safer to use

6. Casters: medium control moving wheel, higher stability

7. The material and structure of the lifting screw and the structure of the back plate are designed to reduce the force on the screw;

8. Metal surface treatment technology: internal and external anti-rust.

9. Configuration Danish safety voltage motor, three-function all-round adjustable hand controller.


European four small guardrail, up and down flip structure, luxury brake in the control, one brake, a one-time cold-rolled steel sheet metal stamping, with good non-slip and breathable. Can freely adjust the back, legs, bed movements, left and right over. Manual control panel to complete the various functions of the medical bed, easy to operate.

Suitable for elderly patients who can not get out of bed or are not easy to get out of bed, and the patient to do check and care.

To provide them with recuperation, treatment travel and daily life special care services, improve the level of care to improve the quality of patient life


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