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5-function Electric Nursing Bed

5-function Electric Nursing Bed
Model:SHD-401 Size:2100*1140*500/700mm
Product Details:



Key Features

Specifications: 2200 * 1000 * 470 / 650mm

1. Bed frame: welded with high-quality steel, electrostatic spray on the surface, durable and beautiful.

2. Bed board: It is stamped and formed by high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is electrostatically sprayed, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.

3. Bed head and bed end: It is formed by ABS high-quality engineering plastics in one time, with beautiful appearance and soft color. It is lockable and easy to remove.

4. Casters: Four-wheel synchronous braking system, no noise, stable locking, easy to move

5. Electric lift function: The back can be raised in the range of 0-70 degrees by wired remote control, which is convenient for the patient to live.

6. Electric kick function: The legs can be raised within the range of 0-40 degrees by wired remote control, which is convenient for the patient to live.

7. Electric turning function: Through the line control, the patient can turn over at 0-40 degrees, thereby promoting blood circulation of the back and hips of the patient and preventing hemorrhoids.

8. The bed is equipped with an overall lifting function, which can adjust the height of the bed between 480-610mm to meet various nursing needs.

9. Other auxiliary accessories: Four ABS lifting guardrails can meet the nursing needs of different nursing staff, and can be hidden under the bed when not in use.


Bedside, PE advanced engineering plastics, beautiful appearance, loading and unloading, reliable and durable. When the bed board fold up, the soft connection part of the formation of natural curvature, reduce the friction on the mattress and reduce the pressure on the human body. 24V DC motor, the introduction of imported or domestic motor series, low noise level, overload protection, safe and reliable. Configuration diameter 150mm double-sided casters in the control, higher stability, reduce the friction with the ground, easy to promote the bed.


1. The main body made of high quality carbon steel spray.

2. Both ends of the bed made of ABS material, removable

3. Electric nursing bed care bedstead, legs and their movements and movement of the lift motor driven to a variety of adjustable position, if necessary, can be adjusted


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