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Medical Cabinet

Medical Cabinet refers to medicine cabinets, Chinese medicine cabinets, classified garbage cabinets, classified sewage cabinets, operating room lockers, medical staff shoes cabinets, injection cabinets, poisonous cabinets, various types of equipment cabinets, etc., medical cabinets are available for medical staff. Use, according to the reasonable provisions of the sorting and management classification, can store all the items in the designated medical cabinet.
The use of 0.8MM thick Japan imported first-grade electrolytic steel plate, bare steel itself has excellent rust and corrosion resistance (bare steel for a long time in the outdoor sun and rain will not rust).
The bare steel of electrolytic steel plate has been treated by professional technology, and it has the function of anti-rust and oxidation, and also has the function of acid and corrosion resistance. It does not need the pickling, phosphating and anti-rust treatment of ordinary cold-rolled steel sheets.
The surface treatment is:
Hybrid thermosetting powder coating (synthesized from epoxy resin and polyester resin containing no tri-acid isocyanuric acid TGIC), using electrostatic technology to distribute the powder evenly on the product workpiece to avoid the adhesion of dust or impurities. Damage to the perfect spray, after the workpiece is sprayed, it is necessary to control the appropriate high temperature and time to carry out the curing process to achieve excellent adhesion. The film thickness is low to the international standard of 65 microns, no toxic substances, no cracks.
Medical cabinets are generally more classified than large hospital cabinets, which are generally classified according to the type of medical cabinets. However, people usually divide the medical cabinet according to other classification criteria.
According to the type, there are mainly instrument cabinets, medicine cabinets with drawers, instrument cabinets with drawers, glass cabinets, slicing cabinets, wax cabinets, cooling cabinets, intensive medicine cabinets, aseptic cabinets, scented wardrobes, poisonous cabinets, Disinfection cabinets, injection cabinets, door shoe cabinets, lockers, western medicine cabinets, Chinese medicine cabinets, etc.
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