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Stainless Steel Medical Cabinet

Material process
Stainless Steel Medical Cabinet is made of high quality stainless steel wire drawing plates that are cut, stamped, bent, welded and assembled. The cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, which is cut, folded, welded and formed by pickling phosphating and electrostatic spray treatment.
The upper layer is two sliding doors, 4MM flat glass, and there are 3 layers inside, and the height is adjustable. The middle is flat, which can be used to take out items with 2 drawers. The drawer slide adopts three silent pulleys, which are flexible and no noise. The lower layer is made of stainless steel, with two layers inside and adjustable.
The stainless steel instrument cabinet is the basic configuration of the modern operating room; it is mainly used for storing surgical instruments, medicines and narcotics; it is suitable for various operating room functions.
The cabinet is made of high quality stainless steel sheet, which is cut, folded and welded. Firm and reliable, beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion.
The overall appearance is elegant, the weld is even and firm, and there are no defects such as burning, cold cracking and leakage welding, and the welding parts are smoothed.
Open door design to suit different customer requirements, with drawer and writing board options.
The integrated design makes the cabinet cleaner and less prone to bacteria. Special specifications can be designed and customized.
Stainless steel shoe cabinets are mainly used by medical personnel to replace medical shoes or files.
Locks: The locks are exquisite and have a high degree of safety, high safety factor, corrosion resistance and washing resistance.
Squat door or sliding door, designed for inner and horizontal partitions according to different purposes.
It is convenient for medical staff to access all kinds of surgical supplies on demand, and the inner body design is simple and reasonable.
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