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Shoe Rack with Stainless Steel Seat

Shoe Rack with Stainless Steel Seat
SIZE:SHD-810 960*400*1750
Product Details:



Widely used in a clean room, a local purification equipment that can effectively remove the dust on the dust-free clothes to reduce the frequency of water flow, cost savings, clean clothes to maintain fresh and clean, prevent the outside air pollution of the clean room

Cabinet: The counter is made of stainless steel with ISO9001 quality management system and ISO1400 environment system. It has good anti-corrosiveness, environmental protection and durability, soft color, smooth and beautiful appearance, no harm to the human body and the surrounding environment, no Toxic, no side effects, no odor when used.

Locks: Locks exquisite products extraordinary degree of safety, high safety factor.

Uses: Medical staff to change the isolation clothes, put on clothing and other items, household, office can be

Built-in clothing hooks, and configure advanced locks, safe and reliable.

Instrument principle

The overall use of high quality stainless steel, strong wear-resistant, anti-aging, no rust.

Instrument features

Six-door design, large storage space can place a variety of items.


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