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Stainless Steel Instrument Cabinet

SIZE:SHD-801 960*400*1750 SIZE:SHD-804 960*400*1750
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Stainless steel cabinet is the basic configuration of the modern operating room. Mainly used to store surgical instruments

Appliances, drugs and narcotics.

Surface matte hair lines do not Halo head

Corrosion-resistant, easy to clean. Easy to clean equipment management, suitable for a variety of operating room needs,

Meet the cleanliness standards. Double open-style doors or sliding doors, according to the different uses of the inner and outer walls,

Convenient for medical staff access to all kinds of surgical supplies, inner body design is simple and reasonable. According to the customer

The demand for the production of clean operating room in accordance with the requirements of a variety of dimensions of the instrument cabinet

In order to meet the needs of customers, the cabinet can be made into an embedded or external, the upper and lower door can be made of translation or open type, the middle configuration pumping panels, anesthesiologists for dispensing pharmaceutical use, up and down configuration 2-3 layers of partitions , 8mm edging tempered glass, the height can be adjusted as needed, suitable for a variety of medical equipment storage.


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