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Stainless Steel Locker

SIZE:SHD-805 960*400*1750MM SHD-808 960*400*1750MM
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The stainless steel six-door locker is made of shearing, bending, stamping, spot welding, degreasing, spray coating, high temperature drying, installation and packaging. The characteristics are as follows:

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic; odorless; welded parts are welded with high standard, the surface is smooth and smooth.


Material: It is made of high quality SUS201 stainless steel δ1.0mm steel plate by shearing, stamping, bending, welding and assembly. Beautiful and generous, no bumpiness, strong pressure resistance. In line with GB6807-86 national standards. The surface of the parts is clean and the quality of the products is stable. It has strong bonding ability, excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance and decoration, and it is an environmentally friendly product.

The appearance is elegant, the weld is even and firm, and there are no defects such as burning, cold cracking and leakage welding, and the welding parts are smoothed.


Countertop: The counter surface is made of stainless steel (the company has passed ISO9001 quality management body and ISO1400 environmental system double certification). It has good corrosion resistance, environmental protection and durability, soft color, smooth and beautiful, no harm to the human body and the surrounding environment. Toxic, no side effects, no odor when used.


Locks: The locks are exquisite and have a high degree of safety.


Applications: Medical staff can change the isolation gown, put on the clothes and other items, home or office. Built-in clothing hooks, and equipped with advanced locks, safe and reliable.



1. Stainless steel lockers made of SS 304, durable.

2. Thickness: Thick specifications, 0.7mm or more to 1.2mm, thinner material must be cost savings

3. Each door vents have good ventilation.

4. Index hole available.

5. Boom, mirror, adjustable shelf to choose from.

6. Surface: Epoxy durable power coating is completed. No harm, no smell, we offer a variety of color options for RAL color samples.

7. Packaging: 5 layers of corrugated paper, lined with polyolefin lining, suitable for long distance transport.


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