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Sterile Cabinet with Stainless Steel Seat

Sterile Cabinet with Stainless Steel Seat
SIZE:SHD-816 900*400*850MM
Product Details:



Environment-friendly non-toxic; odorless; welding part of the high standard welding, smooth surface.

Material: high quality SUS # 201 stainless steel δ1.0mm steel plate by cutting, stamping, bending, welding and assembly. Beautiful, no bumpiness, compression ability. In line with GB6807-86 national standards. Parts clean surface, product quality and stability. Strong combination, with excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance and decorative and belongs to the environmentally friendly products.

The overall appearance of generous, uniform and solid weld, no burning, cold cracking, welding and other defects, the welding parts polished smooth.

Cabinet: The counter is made of stainless steel with ISO9001 quality management system and ISO1400 environment system. It has good anti-corrosiveness, environmental protection and durability, soft color, smooth and beautiful appearance, no harm to the human body and the surrounding environment, no Toxic, no side effects, no odor when used.

Locks: Locks exquisite products extraordinary degree of safety, high safety factor.


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