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Steel Medicine Cabinet

Steel Medicine Cabinet
SIZE:SHD-802-2 900*250/400*1750
Product Details:



The cabinet is made of δ1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet, which is cut, folded and welded, and processed by acid phosphating and electrostatic spraying.

Adopting δ1.2mm high quality SUS201 stainless steel seat, the seat is firm and reliable, nice and durable, rust-proof;

Respectively, using sliding door and open-door design, in order to meet different customer requirements, with drawers and writing board options;

With 2 drawers in the middle, drawer slide with three silent pulleys, draw flexible, no noise.

The overall integration of the design, the cabinet is more clean, not easy to produce bacteria, the upper part of the glass door can be more durable, are equipped with activities laminates;

Special specifications can be customized design.

Advantages: corrosion-resistant, resistant to cleaning. Easy equipment management clean, in line with the cleanliness standards

Product Usage: Stainless steel instrument cabinet is the basic configuration of a modern operating room. Mainly used to store surgical equipment, drugs and narcotics. Suitable for a variety of operating room, laboratory needs

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