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Steel Shoe Rack

SIZE:SHD-814 900*400*1000MM
Product Details:



The cabinet uses δ1.2mm high quality SUS304-2B stainless steel plate, after cutting, folding, welding molding. Solid, reliable, nice, durable rust-proof;

The overall appearance of generous, uniform and solid weld, no burning, cold cracking, welding and other defects, the welding parts polished smooth.

Adopt open door design to meet different customer requirements, equipped with drawers and writing board options;

The overall integration of the design, the cabinet is more clean, not easy to produce bacteria.

Special specifications can be customized design.

product description:

(1) The spray surface is smooth and delicate, the feel of touch is good, the spray is even, the spot without debris, the massless spray of plastic, the plastic film adheres firmly, does not fall off, no crack, can effectively protect metal parts from corrosion and rust.

(2), advanced technology, fine workmanship, solid and durable, finished corner no harm to the sharp edges flash, thorns and so on.

(3), close the door closures, switch freely, no noise.

(4), the door is equipped with hidden locks, and the surface buckle tight, solid.

(5), Office Cabinets by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center sampling for three consecutive years pass.



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