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Medical Trolley

Medical Trolley refers to the ward's protective transport of medical equipment, surgical instruments, medicines, and delivery of patients. The caregiver's operational burden can be greatly reduced.
From the classification of products, medical carts are luxurious, medium and ordinary. From the material of the product, the medical cart has ABS, stainless steel, and spray.
From the types of products, medical carts include rescue vehicles, ambulances, treatment vehicles, medical records vehicles, instrument vehicles, instrument vehicles, drug delivery vehicles, anesthesia vehicles, dirt vehicles, infusion vehicles, drug carts, and lower vehicles. There are dozens of kinds of vehicles, such as delivery vehicles and patient transport vehicles.
It is welded with high-quality cold-rolled color steel plate, which is solid and reliable, smooth and beautiful, and has a stainless steel guardrail on three sides to ensure the safety of items when it is put into operation. The multi-layer drawer design can place various medicines as needed; It is equipped with high-quality silent wear-resistant casters, no noise, flexible, double bearing, no rust, solid and durable; the whole vehicle has a load capacity of more than 100kg, and must be used in a ventilated, non-polluting, corrosive gas, road level environment.
The double-sided outer handle is designed to facilitate the pick-and-place of goods and increase the peripheral use area. The square tube and the rectangular tube are strengthened at the bottom of the laminate, and the single layer can bear 100-150KG.
The medical double-layer cart laminate uses HL filament plate, which is high quality and clean and easy to clean. The argon arc welding of the whole vehicle, the four polishing and polishing processes in the later stage, the details are exquisitely in place.
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  • ABS Emergency Trolley
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    ABS Emergency Trolley

    Be applicable for ward emergency care . The table facet can be horizontally pulled open towards two ends , with movable 48- lattice medicament tray inside ,which can be taken out . With double-door at bottom .and a layer of movable bulkhead inside . Be equipped with one pull-out infusion support...
  • Stainless Steel Emergency Trolley
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    Stainless Steel Emergency Trolley

    Product performance: 1: stainless steel rescue car body is divided into the upper and lower two parts, the upper volume lockers, drawers using mute slide, pull relaxed and flexible; can also choose tempered fiber, push pull glass. The utility model can be used for storing disposable infusion...
  • Stainless Steel Baby Trolley
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    Stainless Steel Baby Trolley

    The end of the bed is made of 1.2mm 25mm 201 stainless steel tube, welded and polished. The bed adopts delta 1.2mm 25*10mm rectangular 201 stainless steel rectangular tube, which is polished by high-frequency welding. The guardrail is made of 22 stainless steel tubes, fixed on one side and...
  • Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley
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    Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley

    Size: 750*450*800mm The whole car is welded by high quality stainless steel tube and stainless steel plate. It is corrosion resistant. The two layers are made of stainless steel bars with diameters of 12mm and 5mm, so as to prevent objects from slipping Stainless steel is used for bending,...
  • Steel Baby Trolley
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    Steel Baby Trolley

    Parameter 780*520*880mm 1: Material: leg is Phi 25 round tube, bracket is 3*5 square tube, baby basin bracket is Phi 22 round tube. The thickness is 0.8mm 2 、 air control lifting device can adjust height to facilitate mother to child communication. 3 、 steel frame, electrostatic spraying, the...
  • Stainless Steel Dirt Trolley
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    Stainless Steel Dirt Trolley

    1. beautiful appearance, smooth, straight, four angle parallel, the surface without sharp edges, burrs and other obvious defects, the welding parts polished smooth, polished evenly. 2. high quality quiet caster configuration 50kg bearing weight, promote easy and flexible, non hunting walking and...
  • Steel Record Trolley
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    Steel Record Trolley

    Specification: 700*400*820 1. The material is made of high quality stainless steel sheet with thickness 0.8mm, 2. Both sides of the medical record folder are provided with a folding lock baffle, 3 、 configure double drawer and 40~100 person medical record folder, drawer slide adopts three silent...
  • ABS Baby Trolley
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    ABS Baby Trolley

    Size: 905*560*600/980mm (lifting height) 1. the lifting can tilt angle of 15 degrees 2. Germany imported transparent baby basin, adults can observe the baby in real time, convenient Mother to child communication. 3. baby basin adopts food grade material, can be used as tableware, bottles,...
  • ABS Instrument Trolley
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    ABS Instrument Trolley

    1., using ABS material, not stain, good scrub, corrosion resistance, toughness, strong impact resistance, anti-aging. 2., the four wheel adopts high universal wheel, two of which have braking function, walking smoothly, mute, silent, beautiful, solid and wearable. 3. easy to handle and easy to...
  • Medical Record Trolley
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    Medical Record Trolley

    1, material: car body by ABS engineering plastics, medical record, car table for ABS material, wear-resisting, easy to clean; 2, each station has the corresponding identification number, the identification number is clear and easy to identify; 3, casters requirements: luxury universal mute...
  • Transfusion Trolley
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    Transfusion Trolley

    The main material is made of plastic steel; the table surface is flat open on both sides; the lower part is provided with a movable storage box Packing size: 800*510*1020mm Net weight: 49kg Gross weight: 58kg Packing: wooden case Standard: stainless steel straight type handle 1, with cap,...
  • ABS Treatment Trolley
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    ABS Treatment Trolley

    The whole cart is made of quality cold-rolled steel through spraying . A nd the table facet is made of artificial marble ,easy for cleaning . Multipurpose drawer , available for locking wholly .
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