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Medical Record Trolley

1, material: car body by ABS engineering plastics, medical record, car table for ABS material, wear-resisting, easy to clean; 2, each station has the corresponding identification number, the identification number is clear and easy to identify; 3, casters requirements: luxury universal mute...
Product Details:

Parameters: 730*410*1050

1. using ABS injection molding

2. The medical record folder has a foldable lockable baffle on both sides, which can prevent non-medical personnel from taking it out when not needed.

3. It is equipped with double drawers and 40 medical records. The drawer slides adopt three silent pulleys, which are flexible and no noise.

4. The bottom with 3 inch polyurethane plastic bag mute casters, diagonal brakes, can withstand 120kg weight, flexible movement, strong brakes.

5. The left and right sides with a push handle, convenient for medical staff to use

6. Reasonable structure, beautiful and generous, sturdy and durable.



Including frame body, bottom plate, universal wheel, medical record pumping groove, partition plate, chute, roller card slot, medical record drawer, baffle, baffle lock, tool drawer, table top, push handle, frame is rectangular frame, frame body The bottom of the bottom plate is fixed with a universal wheel, the universal wheel is distributed at the four corners of the bottom plate, and the upper part of the bottom plate is provided with two medical record slots separated by a partition, the inner side of the frame on both sides of the medical evacuation groove and the sides of the partition plate There is a chute, a U-shaped roller card slot is opened at the front end of the bottom plate, and the medical record drawer is arranged in the medical evacuation slot. The top of the medical evacuation slot is provided with a baffle, the baffle is hinged with the frame body, and the baffle is locked by the baffle lock and the frame buckle. In addition, there are two tool drawers on the upper body of the medical evacuation tank. The medical record drawer can be pulled out at any time, dustproof and anti-collision, and the bezel lock can ensure the privacy and safety of the medical record.

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