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Stainless Steel Emergency Trolley

Product performance: 1: stainless steel rescue car body is divided into the upper and lower two parts, the upper volume lockers, drawers using mute slide, pull relaxed and flexible; can also choose tempered fiber, push pull glass. The utility model can be used for storing disposable infusion...
Product Details:


Specifications: 650 × 400 × 800 (mm)

Function: The stainless steel rescue vehicle is assembled by welding high quality stainless steel tube and stainless steel plate, which is corrosion resistant. The left hand is equipped with a pusher and the pusher tube is a stainless steel round tube.


1. Made of stainless steel for bending, crimping and welding;

2. Panel, body, laminate, drawer, door material thickness δ1.0mm;

3. 4 sets of 3 inch universal wheels, high wear resistance, no noise, with brakes, good stability.

Product performance:

1. The stainless steel life-saving car body is divided into upper and lower parts, the upper storage cabinet, the drawer is silently sliding, and the pulling is easy and flexible; the steel fiber can also be selected, and the glass can be pushed and pulled. The utility model can be used for storing a disposable infusion device, a cotton swab, a gauze, etc., which is convenient and practical.

2. Beautiful appearance, smooth, straight, parallel with four corners, no sharp edges on the surface, obvious defects such as burrs, smooth polished parts and uniform polishing.

3. High-quality silent casters are equipped with 50kg bearing weight to promote easy and flexible, no abnormal noise.

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