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What Are The Characteristics Of The Electric Operating Bed?
Mar 04, 2018

   The operating table is a platform for surgery and anesthesia. The operative assistant adjusts the operating table to the required position according to the operation requirements, so that we can fully expose the operative field of vision, and facilitate the induction and infusion of the patient so that the operation is carried out smoothly.

   With the development of science and technology, the operating bed has been developed from the manual drive to the electronic control hydraulic type, that is, the electric operating bed. The electric operating bed is not only more convenient and laborsaving, but also enhances the safety and stability of patients' different positions, and develops towards two directions of multi-function and specialization. [1]

   Electric operation bed is the use of micro electric computer, dual controller, electric hydraulic power, the main control structure composed of speed control valve, control switch, solenoid valve, hydraulic power source provided by electric hydraulic gear pump, control the reciprocating motion of the two-way hydraulic cylinder, and can use the handle button to control the operation bed in different position the transformation, such as the left and right, front and back, leaning back, lifting the lifting and moving fixed and other functions, to achieve the operation requirements. It has been widely applied in multifunctional surgery platforms such as routine surgery, surgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of thoracic surgery, surgery, ophthalmology, etc.


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