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Electric Operating Table

The Electric Operating Table is a platform for surgery and anesthesia. The surgical assistant adjusts the operating bed to the desired position according to the surgical requirements, so that the surgical field is fully exposed, and it is also convenient for the patient to perform anesthesia induction and infusion administration, so that the operation is smoothly carried out.
With the development of science and technology, the operating bed has been developed from an artificially driven type to an electronically controlled hydraulic type, that is, an electric operating bed. The electric operating bed not only makes the operation more convenient and labor-saving, but also enhances the safety and stability of the patient's different postures, and develops in the two directions of multi-functionality and specialization.
The Electric Operating Table is controlled by a micro-electric computer and dual controllers. It is powered by electro-hydraulic pressure. The main control structure is composed of a speed control valve, a control switch and a solenoid valve. The hydraulic power source is provided by the electro-hydraulic gear pump, and the two-way hydraulic cylinders are provided.
The reciprocating motion is controlled, and the handle button can be used to control the operation bed to change the position, such as left and right tilting, tilting forward and backward, lifting, lower back lifting, moving and fixing, etc., in order to meet the surgical operation requirements. It is widely used in general surgery, surgery (neurology, thoracic surgery, general surgery, urology), ENT (ophthalmology, etc.), orthopedics, gynecological surgery and other departments of the multi-directional operation of multi-functional operation table.
Structure and composition
The Electric Operating Table consists of four parts: the table top, the electronic control, the main body and the accessories. The operating table is composed of a head plate, a back plate, a leg plate and a seat plate, and includes a back plate surface, a head plate surface, a left leg plate surface, a seat plate surface, a waist plate surface and a right leg plate surface.
The operation control device of the electric operating bed often uses electro-hydraulic transmission, which is mainly composed of hydraulic barrel, electric gear oil pump, solenoid valve, relief valve, power supply and positioning control switch. Its electro-hydraulic transmission control is accomplished by a wired hand press controller, a foot controller, an infrared remote control, and an auxiliary controller. Common accessories include leg trays, arm trays, dirt buckets, arm plates, anesthesia bars, head frames, and infusion sets to help adjust the position to meet the needs of surgery.
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