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Integral Reflection Shadowless Operating Lamp

  • SHD-104 Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp In Operating Theatre
  • Hanging Shadowless Operating Lamp
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    Hanging Shadowless Operating Lamp

    Special advantage 1. Six joints, 3 of them 360° rotation unlimited, 2 of them 180° rotation 2. 10-steps continuous light brightness adjustment, with auto memory function 3. Power system use Taiwan meanwell power system, wide voltage, get UL, Csa, CE, ISO9001 certification 4. Double control...
  • Medical Operating Lamp
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    Medical Operating Lamp

    Natural operating color temperature Color rendering index of natural light is 100, while that with application of SHD –series integral reflection shadowless operating lamp would be above 97, which is in close approximaty with that of natural light , helping the doctors to clearly distinguish...
  • Mobile Shadowless Surgical Lights
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    Mobile Shadowless Surgical Lights

    Advanced digital integrated circuit control panel 1. Power switch , brightness adjustment and auxiliary bulb test can be done on the lamp ; equipped with functions of multi-segment brightness selection and brightness memorizing ; the brightness progress bar on the luminous diode can visually...
  • Ceiling-mounted Surgical Lights
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    Ceiling-mounted Surgical Lights

    The focusing system of the lamp is exquisite in structure, making it easier and more convenient to Replace the bulb and holder. Jacket of the handle can be removed for high-temperature (≤136℃) sterilization. The lamp is also equipped with a function to automatically switch the backup bulb. When...
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