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SHD-104 Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp In Operating Theatre

SHD-104 Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp In Operating Theatre
Product Details:


Diameter of Light Spot (mm)120-300mm
Depth of illumination1400mm
Color Temperature4500K±500K
Increase of temperature≤10℃
Radius for move of lamp holder1800mm
Damage of main lampSwitch automatically within 0.2 second
Multi-mirror3800 PCS



Shadowless surgical light, lighting fixtures used in surgery. It has the characteristics of no shadow, cold light, high brightness, etc., and has the color temperature required for surgery. There should be no shadow of the doctor's head, hands and surgical instruments in the illuminated area of the shadowless operation, to ensure a clear view of the organs, tissues and blood vessels in the surgical cavity, as well as to see the deep inside of the lumen.



The biggest essential difference between surgical shadowless lamps and ordinary lamps is that surgical shadowless lamps can meet the special requirements of the operation. The most important conditions are the brightness of the operating room, safe surgical lighting, no shadow requirements, cold light requirements, and the need for removable disinfection.


Surgery shadowless lamp can meet the best lighting effect. This kind of lighting is very suitable for the doctor's eyes, and it helps the eye to protect the eye from causing more damage to the eyes. It can relieve people's high-intensity surgery. 


Surgical shadowless lamp can provide support for the brightness of the operating room. The surgeon must be able to accurately distinguish the surface, color and movement. Therefore, it needs to be the same as the light intensity of daylight quality, and the brightness of the surgical shadowless lamp can be adjusted steplessly. In the process of encountering obstacles, it can automatically switch the spare bulb for surgery, so the surgical shadowless lamp can provide safe surgical illumination.


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